Our Story

Soyaconcept A/S is a Danish fashion company with a distinct international and casual fashion approach based on Nordic design traditions. Elaborate and significant prints together with a modern
elegant styling are keywords for every collection.

At soyaconcept we embrace the woman you are. Our styles are designed for every mood and
occasion, so you’ll always feel comfortable being you. We offer fashionable womenswear in high
quality at affordable prices – making it possible for every woman always to follow the latest trends.

Soyaconcept launches 6 collections yearly. The common denominator for every collection are the
playfull yet elegant designs and high quality fabrics. Our collections shall always offer you endless possibilities to create a striking outfit with little effort. We know every woman is unique and we
design silhouettes for all female shapes.

As the markets demands change and evolve, so do we. We are openminded and curious, always driven to explore new initiatives. This has over the last couple of years led us to change a
large part of our conventional production. As a fashion company, we have to act immediately on the increasing demands for a more responsible approach to our environment and our planet.

We have started on our journey towards a more sustainable future. With small steps and our
full engagement, we are surely on the right path towards a more sustainable future for fashion.
We still make the styles and the garments you love – just with a significantly lower environmental
impact. Always striving to improve and to be as sustainable as possible.

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