Our responsible fashion future

Our responsibility

Code Of Conduct
We keep a close relationship with our suppliers, all of whom have signed our Code of Conduct policy and our policies on Child Labour and Anti-Slavery that lay out our requirements on human and labour rights and environmental protection. We believe commitment and continuous improvement of an ethical business will benefit all – environmentally, economically and socially.

Our Values
In soyaconcept we care deeply about people. We continuously work towards the development and use of more environmentally friendly technologies and processes.
We will never stop trying to improve and do better.

Social responsibility

We put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the factories we work with follow all our requirements concerning environmental issues and working conditions.

We want to contribute to achieving a better future for all of us. We have embarked on the journey of being a part of the solution and we strive to do better every day and to contribute to our field.

More achievements:
Every day is a step in the right direction. Every year we donate a substantial amount to charities and when you shop soyaconcept, you can rest assured that all hangtags are FSC certified, and all labels are made from recycled polyester. Our printed marketing materials have been replaced by digital ones, and we no longer produce plastic shopping bags – you’ll take your new soyaconcept style home in a non-woven carrier bag made of more responsible qualities.

Animal Welfare

We do not allow animals to be harmed in the name of fashion. Animals used for our products must not be exposed to pain but treated with dignity and respect according to animal welfare laws and international recommendations. All our suppliers of animal
originated materials have signed our Code of Conduct and our Animal Welfare Policy and agreed to work with us to increase transparency and traceability in
our supply chain.

Chemical Restrictions

All our suppliers have signed and committed themselves to follow our chemical restrictions.

Our chemical restrictions set the limits for the substances used in manufacturing, packaging and transportation of all our products. We have a testing programme with a strategic approach in testing our garments for hazardous chemicals.

Our chemical restrictions are aligned with REACH and the highest standards within our industry.