Waiting for Spring

While waiting for spring, layer up with one of our popular transition jackets. Why not go with a style that keeps you both free of the rain and keeps you warm? With the Alexa rain jacket you get fashioable rainjacket as well as a functional one.

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Less is more
Håll det enkelt med våra klassiska och coola basplagg. Bra basplagg garanterar att du alltid ser bra ut – även när du inte känner för att noggrant välja ut en perfekt outfit.
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Soft Tones for spring

Explore our spring collection, where subtle tones and feminine prints are key.

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Trousers and jeans

Take a look at our selection of smart pants and jeans.

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Shop basic or printed dresses.

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Look at our collection cardigans in many colours.

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Soyaconcept is a danish fashion company that has a clear international and relaxed approach to fashion based on Nordic design traditions. Unique and signature prints combined with a modern and elegant style are the key words. Soyaconcept offers quality fashion for price-conscious women. Soyaconcept specialises in high quality at good prices, and designer clothes for feminine women who are not afraid to seduce and experiment with contemporary trends.

Soyaconcept online store

In soyaconcept’s official online shop you can find a wide selection of women's fashion including trousers, blouses, outerwear, skirts, dresses and knitwear. Among the standouts in our collection are the SC-Dollie knit cardigan, SC-Jinx jeans, SC-Felicity blouses, SC-Pylle basic T-shirts and the highly popular SC-Alexa raincoat. Each year, soyaconcept launches 6 collections, and what they all have in common are designs and fabrics that are well-considered and tested to meet our high quality standards. At soyaconcept, the clothes must not only follow the latest trends, but also offer the right fit.

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