About soyaconcept

Welcome to soyaconcept — clothes for the fashion-conscious woman

Soyaconcept is a Danish fashion company that has a clear international and relaxed approach to fashion based on Nordic design traditions. Unique and signature prints combined with a modern and elegant style are the key words. soyaconcept offers quality fashion for price-conscious women. soyaconcept specialises in high quality at good prices, and designer clothes for feminine women who are not afraid to seduce and experiment with contemporary trends.

The soyaconcept woman is fashion-conscious and follows her own personal and unique style while staying up-to-date with the latest trends. At soyaconcept we are conscious of women’s diverse needs and silhouettes, and we have a clear desire to help our soyaconcept woman put together an elegant and fashionable wardrobe regardless of her style, shape or age. Our garments give you the option to dress in a feminine, contemporary and comfortable way – all at the same time, and our collections include everything from blouses, trousers, skirts, tops, dresses and jackets to knitwear and pullovers.

At soyaconcept you can find a wide range of styles in a variety of colours, prints, designs and fabrics – all inspired by fashion’s latest trends. It is essential to us that our designs and fabrics are well-considered and tested to meet our high quality standards, and that our clothes not only look chic, but also have just the right fit.

There is room for all types of women in our soyaconcept universe - whether you’re all about the feminine SC-Sari T-shirt in a beautiful, tropical-inspired floral print, or you’re more of a dress girl who loves to jump into a loose, floaty SC-Sanina dress with a pair of feminine pumps. The casual SC-Siham trousers are perfect for sporty types, with their super-soft fabric and pretty ruffle detail on the pockets. They are comfortable, feminine and chic. Our stylish SC Alexa raincoat is a must-have in any wardrobe, with many on-trend details, bold prints and a great price that simply can’t be overlooked.