Our Achievements

It has become a natural part of our business to make more sustainable choices every day. As an example is our labeling all made from sustainable materials. We have improved our waste handeling and reduced our use of paper. Greener thinking has become part of our DNA

All goods transported from the supplier to our warehouse and from there to our stockist must be securely packed and wrapped. The goods are packed in plastic polybags and cardboard boxes for protection. A main focus area for us is also to minimise the resources used for packaging and to make the process more sustainable. Currently, all cardboard packaging is FSC-certified, and we are working on innovative methods to convert PET plastic into biodegradable plastic in the future.

All plastic carriers are made from biodegradable materials containing a minimum of 85% sugarcane. From 2020 we are no longer producing plastic carriers, but we will instead work on new innovative alternatives. 

Every detail matters and even small initiatives make a difference. We have converted all hangtags to FSC-certified paper and all care labels in every garment are now made from recycled polyester.

As we dive deeper into this area more sustainable projects will be initiated. So stay tuned for more to come. 

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